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P.O. Box 260
Millerstown, Pennsylvania
United States
H.F. Campbell Transportation

S&H Express
started in 1992 with the purchase of a small local trucking company located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The Company grew rapidly in the 1990’s as its customer base and fleet expanded. In 1998 the Company relocated to York, Pennsylvania, moving into a remodeled and larger terminal, warehouse, and general offices building with expanded truck parking lots. S&H Express was awarded the "City of York Outstanding Development Award” for the renovation and development of a dilapidated terminal and warehouse.

The Shellenberger Family of Companies now operate as a regional truckload carrier and full service logistics business with a 48 state operating authority. The regional carrier services primarily target the market areas of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic while the brokerage and logistics segment of the business targets all 48 states  including Canada and Mexico. Specific lanes throughout the country are serviced on a regular and "as-needed” basis. Today there are more than 225 CDL drivers and a combined fleet of 225 tractors and 1100 trailers. Our Company strength surrounds our many dedicated employees and our goal is to be the best we can be every day and for every customer.

We offer several automated methodologies and interfaces such that customers can track their loads and get the information and service they require. We continually evaluate new technology as it emerges such that we can continuously improve our responsiveness and timelines.


Visit our website: www.sandhexpress.com/hf-campbell-transportation/
H.F. Campbell Transportation | P.O. Box 260 Millerstown, Pennsylvania United States | 717x-589x-3194
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