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PO Box 79
Armagh, Pennsylvania
United States
Wright-Knox Motor Lines

HEY, DRIVER, , are you  just a number? 

Do they EVEN KNOW your NAME?


If not, maybe YOU should make a change to a company who does care.

WRIGHT KNOX MOTOR LINES, INC. is a family owned  OTR trucking company that treats their employees like they ARE family.

No, this is not a new concept.  Actually, it is a very old concept.  We treat our employees the same way your grandfathers were treated when they worked hard to provide for their families. Don't you deserve the same respect?

Our government has imposed so many regulations on our equipment that engines are unrecognizable and require a computer just to figure out what is wrong.  Just because they removed the personality and dependability from our industry does  NOT mean we should do the same.

Make a change in your life, and your family's, come home to the people you know.  Turnover is very low at WKML; you will always know us  and more importantly, we will know you!   This is easy, because  we will see you every week!  When you walk in the door after your week on the road, it will feel like your ARE home, because, well, YOU ARE!

Even if you like trucking coast to coast, it doesn't get you out of seeing us! Still have home time, just a little less often, as you will be home every 10-11 days, then off for 3-4, you know, family time.

AND just as it is important to maintain your family and friends relationships, we maintain your equipment, so you ALWAYS get home to do that ,again. Yes, It is a vicious circle, but one that works well for all..So if you have that new  24 hour a day on call, disease, "gas patch syndrome", characterized by the work related inability to make real plans with your family and friends, no idea if you will be home for the holidays,, doctors appointment, graduations, etc.   You owe it to yourself and your family to make a change that will relieve these symptoms and make life better for all of you..

                Call 800-828-4023   x 107 Martin   or  x 104  Gladys   or  x 103  Harold

Visit our website: www.wrightknox.com/
Wright-Knox Motor Lines | PO Box 79 Armagh, Pennsylvania United States | 814x-446x-5611
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